What’s In My Bag? Travelling Buntis Edition | Taglish

What's In My Bag? Travelling Buntis Edition | Taglish

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will share my buntis travel bag.

I’m 6 months pregnant now and we’re going to Palawan!

First thing first, our flight tickets plus my Expantant Mother Information Sheet (EMIS) form duly filled-up and signed by your doctor. Each airline has this form and it has two parts. The Part I is for pregnant 6 months and below, while the Part II is for pregnant 6 months and up. As a former flight attendant, I know this kind of procedure by airline companies. To be sure, I have two (2) copies of it. Make sure to also have your Medical Certificate for this travel.

Aside from it, bring a lot of water and snack bag. But make sure to drain your bottle before entering the x-ray machine. My snack bag has fruits, sweets, and etc. Through these, you are ready in case of delayed flights and the like.

Next thing is my wallet. It has cash, ATM, and other essentials. I also have my sunnies, fan, and make-up kit. Based on my experience travelling, it’s much better to have your make-up kit on your bag than include it on your luggage.

Then, I also have my travel pouch wherein it has eye cover, earplugs, headset, hair accessories, katinko, hand sanitizer, travel size perfume, and mints. For all of my travels, I have this with me and it makes my travel time convenient and much easier.

I bring my book entitled “The E Myth, Revisited: Why most small businesses don’t work and what to do about it” by Michael E. Gerber. It is the bible for people who wants to do business though I also read it, I just want to re-read it with me.

In the small pocket of my bag, I place my ballpens, keys, lipbalm, usb, and cellphone. Likewise, I have a notebook and scarf or jacket. Since I feel cold at the airport, I choose jacket this time. I big hat will complete my beach travel.

That’s all the stuffs I have with me on my travel bag!


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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