What I bought for the first trimester of my pregnancy

What I bought for the first trimester of my pregnancy

I’m going to give you a pregnancy Haul or what I bought when I found out that I was pregnant and the things that has been able to help me out in my first and second trimester of pregnancy.



What I bought for the first trimester of my pregnancy


Pre-natal Vitamins

It is something that you drink once a day. It’s a folic acid It’s really good for the baby.

Tea tree cream.

It’s organic. It’s natural, I can use it to dry out my pimples. I’ve been using this ever since. I found this really efficient on removing my pimple or zits, and you can’t really control your hormone.

Sky Flakes Crackers

The problem I have in my pregnancy is morning sickness. Good thing I read somewhere that eating familiar foods will make your morning sickness gone. Pregnancy tip: you should not get hungry, because it will make you nauseous. It happens a lot when you’re hungry, or you didn’t feed yourself well. Every two hours I will eat this with a tea or with something like hot cocoa and it really calms my tummy.

Ginger Candy

To help with nausea. You know, just in case I am not near a drug store or what not.

Non-Caffeine Tea

Chamomile tea for you to help you to sleep. Usually, if we talk about tea we talk about black tea the yellow label that is not advisable. I would always drink tea and sky flakes and have some ginger candy. That’s my formula to combat morning sickness. My favorite is the peppermint tea, it helps my tummy feel good when I get bloated.

Baby Monitor

Father in law gave us this baby monitor, this is called Angel Care. This particular one monitors the baby’s breathing. This will give an alarm if it senses that the baby stopped breathing.

Baby Carrier

Another gift from the in-laws is this ergo baby carrier and a cloth carrier.

Belly Butter

I also want something for the tummy. I started putting oils and creams on a tummy as soon as I know I was pregnant. I don’t want to have stretch marks.  It’s really nice, it really smells good. I realized later on that you only use this after pregnancy. So I switch back to my original plan which is bio oil.

Bio oil

Bio oil is actually one of the holy grail products out there. It is used by flight attendants for stretch marks and acne scars and they use this as a moisturizer. That’s why I’ve been familiar with this before. Bio oil is something that I have hoarded ever since because during winter times. I would use it as a moisturizer at night and it really plumps my skin back because it’s really dry. I got the cheapest one you can buy this from India. I bought lots of bio oil, and yeah, I start on it. I’m so shocked how expensive it is in the Philippines.

This is actually $4.99 at Watsons for a small bottle but yeah, I just bought one because I really felt that my skin is stretching out. So this really helps me feel like I’m prepping my skin for all the work that it’s going to go through. I use it twice a day in the morning and at night. Hopefully that I won’t get so many stretch marks.

Thanks for reading this blog, I hope you guys learned something about being pregnant and the stuff that I bought for my pregnancy!

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