Vlogmas day 20 | Baby Stuff take over our apartment | Taglish

Vlogmas day 20 | Baby Stuff take over our apartment | Taglish

Welcome back to my blog!

Today, I will tell about how our day goes with Baby River. I’m wearing him today, took him a bath already. Though its not sunny, I let him be exposed in the sun on our balcony because as his pedia told me to do so. When baby is yellowish, he needs more sunlight to activate his liver.

Most of baby stuffs take over our apartment. My used-to-be-office table is now the changing diaper and ligo station for our little peanut. Good thing, Dada John bought me a divider for our baby’s things. He now has a chair which I bought online and its pre-loved. His bed is beside ours, I bought it at Landmark for Php4,000 which can also be his play pen and crib. Remember my rocking chair which Dada John has gave me? It’s beside on our bed too.

Now, breakfast time!

While Dada John is taking care of baby River. I can take a bath, do some laundry and other things. Grateful for his presence and support.

On a daily basis, I wear daster. I think tank tops I shared with your before is very useful and convenient for me to breastfeed. Winx binder is also good to use for stomach pain. And my white stockings are still with me.

That’s all for now since I find something about our baby.


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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