Two weeks after birth update

Two weeks after birth update

Hey guys and gals, Welcome to my blog, Mommy ruth here. I just want to share you guys about my two weeks after birth update!

Two weeks after birth update

I had the cesarean birth two weeks ago, that was December 5, 2017, our baby River Phillip was born. I’m gonna update you what I went through as a mom and having the CS.

So the recovery was three days in the hospital and then on the fourth day, we were able to get home. It was my first time to get hospitalized. It was really new to me, so it’s my first time to have an IV on my hands. But at that time everything was just basic. All I was thinking is how can I get up of the bed. So the next day, I really tried hard after they took out my catheter. I tried hard to get up on the bed and start moving because they said that’s the best way to cope with c-section. You have to move around to recover quickly so the first trip to the bathroom was the hardest but it was doable and it’s bearable.

The next struggle that I had while I was in the hospital is when will you poop.

I was relieved when I brought a lot of prunes with me on my hospital bag. I ate a lot of prunes and “kiat-kiat” the small oranges that really helps me with my bowel. The doctors said that if you haven’t pooped in 3 days, you will extend your hospitalization. So I really made sure on the third day that I do excrete.


When we got home everything was still so hazy in the first week because of the pain. I was experiencing pain on the CS incision area. I finished all the Medicine that my doctor recommended me and was extended to use paracetamol a few more days.

Also, I checked my weight, my weight is 117 pounds. When I was pregnant my weight was 134 pounds and before I was pregnant I was 98 pounds. it’s not that bad I’m really happy with that weight.

My Sleep pattern

On my first week, I could really use a lot of help good thing that John and Renz are around. I was the one on night duty and in the mornings I could sleep. I could relax because they are here to help me with the baby. At first, I would get 2 – 3 hours of sleep and my baby will sleep through the night around four to five hours. He loves to sleep, he is not that hard to take care of. He did not give us a hard time in the first few days, straight sleeping for 4 – 5 hours even on the first day.

I had to have a heparin injection. I had a venous stasis. The blood flow is slow so I injected myself with that, but the bleeding continues so we stopped it on the 3rd day. Also because of that, I have to wear stockings, which is I’m wearing right now. It’s white stockings. I’m also wearing this binder for the pain This winks binder.

What I noticed in my body, I feel intense pain from my wrist lately because I’ve been carrying my baby. I thought it’s gonna go away after pregnancy

Baby Update

He was born eight pounds and 20.5 inches on December 5, 2017, at 10 o clock in the morning. He’s basically a very chill baby. He looks at us a lot on his awake time and knocks on wood. We love him so much he is so kind and then his umbilical cord is detached on his 6th day and right now we’re still healing his circumcision.

It’s been healing pretty well and on his one week check up last week, everything is fine the doctor said everything is fine. We just need to expose him more on the sunlight because he is a bit yellowish.


We are struggling at breastfeeding at first, when we are in the hospital he cannot latch on to the breast. It becomes worse when my milk comes out he can hardly eat. like, he can latch on to it, then drops it.

My baby didn’t poop for 24 hours. What I did, I pumped my breast and I fed it to him via dropper and syringe. So I fed him every two hours, it’s pitiful, he really is hungry and after that, he was able to poop.

A few days ago, I’ve noticed that my baby has a lip tie. My pediatrician referred us to a dentist because she is an expert in lip tie. We went there for assessments. We have the procedure done for his lip tie it’s a laser surgery It’s very fast. It’s five minutes and there is a local anesthesia that’s been used. He cried for a brief moment and it’s done. He’s a little bit fuzzy. I really pity my baby after the procedure because his lips are swelling but somehow, it’s back to its normal size.

If you want to watch the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

That’s it guys for my update, thank you so much for reading this blog, I hope you guys learned something from this. See you on the next one! Bye!

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  1. Thank you Mommy Ruth sa pag-share ,naalala ko tuloy nong pinanganak ko c baby, 2 days akong d nag-poop sabi ng doktor pag dpa dw ako dumumi dpa rw kme makakalabas .Kaya ayon kumain ako ng kumain kahit wlang gana ,4 days kme sa ospital .

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