Smart Parenting Workshop

Smart Parenting Workshop

Hey guys, Mommy ruth here. When I was pregnant, I used to go to a lot of events including the Smart parenting workshop. And I just to blog about the parenting workshop.

Smart Parenting Workshop

So many of mothers aren’t that ready, I mean they feel they’re ready but in reality, they are still not ready. To be fair, it’s really hard to be a parent because of the changes that we will face hence, I started looking for a parenting workshop to be a responsible parent. Although not all traits of being a good mother can be taught as well.

Anyway, so Saturday is the day of the Smart parenting workshop and also John is with me because there is an electronics expo at the same time. While I was roaming around the event, I saw a free hair spa salon. To be honest I didn’t expect that there will be a hair salon in the event. So as a woman, I tend to try the hair salon and after that, I took a picture of my newly ironed hair.

So after the expo, we head towards the Makati Diamond Residences Square. This is the place where they hold the workshop. And so the event started, a few introductions soon, the Parenting guides, tips and what not. There is a little break, where they give free food for the attendees. The Catering is nice, the foods are amazing, all in all, it’s well done. After the break, the workshop continues, a few guides and some ice breaker games. After the workshop, there is a raffle which I won.

And that’s it guys, I couldn’t make a long blog about it, but there, I uploaded the video in my youtube channel. And oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys what I won during the workshop it’s a CCTV and I also won a 50 thousand pesos worth of insurance from insular life. I really believe being a pregnant woman is lucky!

If you want to watch the vlog, watch it right HERE!

As always, I’ll see you guys at the next one! Bye!

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