River’s 1st Birthday at Shakeys Buendia 2018

River's 1st Birthday at Shakeys Buendia 2018

We wanted to have a hassle-free, fun and memorable first birthday for our son, River.

We decided to have a Shakey’s Birthday Party in Buendia Branch for River about 2 weeks before the date itself.

The initial plan was to celebrate at home and invite a few kids. But we recalled our last party of 8 invited guests and we barely fit in our apartment >.<

So then I scouted for a venue for river’s first birthday. We wanted to have a hassle-free, simple but beautiful celebration for River’s first birthday.

I first looked up Jolibee, since its the most popular. It was about 21k for their package that included the things I think we need for the party. Although you can celebrate with them for as low as P1500.

Then I remembered Dada and I’s date night when I was still pregnant. It was at Shakeys Buendia Branch. A giant pizza passed by us and we saw a bird mascot went in the function room shortly after. I remembered taking a mental note that that place is a nice venue for a party. It is in Makati, has a lot of parking spaces and the service from the guards to the staff were nice.

So there, I went to inquire. First I called to see if River’s date was available. It is December so it might be fully booked. The weekends are gone but his actual birthday is free.

Second, we visited the place once again to check their venue personally and their party packages.

We went and saw a huge function room that can cater up to 70 people according to Glen our Shakey’s representative.

Their food package for 30 people, Just the food is P9,000

Food Package + giant Pizza is P13,000

Party Package Starts at P17,000

That includes food for 30 people

  • Giant Pizza
  • Hosting
  • 20 loot bags
  • 20 kiddie costumes
  • 20 Balloons
  • Mascot appearance
  • Basic tarp with River’s name

You have a choice to have a Captain Shakey’s theme or Justice League Theme.

I saw the prices and said to myself it was not bad at all. Feeling my inner turmoil with the pressure of River’s birthday fast approaching I told Dada to book us the place.

We needed to pay P3,000.00 for the reservation and that will also be deducted to our total bill on the day itself.

Next on my list is to get the guest list done.


I then invited our prospective guests and started a list of who will be coming.

I DIY’d the invitation and created a FB event so that I can invite our families and friends.

Our superhero e-invite for Rivers birthday

Next thing I did was plan the decorations and supplies.

I have chosen the Justice League Theme for the party so I started conceptualizing a super hero party. If I were to choose a theme I probably have chosen a minions party theme because that is River’s favorite video. However, given the restaurant’s theme, I went with it. I looked everything up from Pinterest.

The first issue I had was the wall. I want it to be clean and free of the standard Shakey’s wall that can clash with the party decor. It was not a pretty sight so we decided to put on a yellow cartolina all over it. I initially brought 10 cartolinas, it was not enough. We had to run to cash and carry and buy 20 more. 🙂

We DIY’d the yellow background because its default design was too busy.

Behind this yellow cartolina is the shakey’s collage wall that would definitely crash with the superhero decors.

Once the background wall is taken cared of I ordered additional decors from Glam Events.

I got a 6×8 customized tarpaulin. I have chosen a design that looks the same as our Photo Booth picture output. Price is P35 per ft.

I rented out the superhero standees at P350 each.

The balloons were packaged at P1500, 2 pillars, cake arch, and name balloon. But I requested for the cake arch be used as entrance arch instead and use the name balloons that came with the package to make it longer and the letters of the name balloons to be used somewhere else.

The ceiling balloons were P1,000 for 50 pcs.

On top of that the colorful strings and superhero logos as a special request.

Transportation Fee for the Styling team: P1500.00

Superhero Birthday Party Photobooth with magnet

For the Photobooth and Cotton Candy, our supplier was Moviescapes 2.

I like that they give a customized backdrop if you use at least 2 services from them.

River’s cake was a gift from River’s Ninang and it was custom made by BakedbyAndi.

For my own DIY.

I did the following:

  • Candy buffet
  • TV art
  • Party giveaways
  • The photo booth props
  • Pin the star on Captain America’s shield party game
  • AVP video presentation for River’s birthday.
  • The final look for the Candy Buffet

I printed a “Grab your Superhero sweet treats” from Pinterest and put it on a picture frame. I also printed “Krunch” and cartoon Spiderman and Superman to decorate the baskets and put it on stick.

I covered the yum yum on blue cartolina and put a Superman-inspired “R” in front of them. The Candy Buffet budget was P1600 and it already included the 20 pcs. candy giveaway which I gave out for the adults.

Watch my vlog as I create the photo booth props and the party game.

Here is how the DIY game ended up on the actual day.

This is how tv art looked like at the venue. I liked that it showed that instead of just a plain black tv.

For River’s AVP I created it using videos we collected on his 1st year of life. I used FCXP to edit and I have to admit it made me cry a couple of times while I was doing it.  Here is the link if you want to watch it.

For our Family outfit.

I ordered River’s Superman costume on Shopee. It was P250 + shipping fee.

Dada’s Spiderman black shirt and my Super girl shirt and red skater dress is from Cash and Carry. P200 for the T-shirts and P150 for the skater skirt.

As a first-time mom organizing my baby’s first birthday party, it was definitely stressful. However, I can definitely say this is the highlight of my year! I did not regret throwing River a party and I loved how everything turned out. It will be one for the books and will be a memory that I will always look back with a smile.

You can watch the birthday vlog here:

So if you are reading this because you are throwing your little one a party, all the best and don’t forget to enjoy the moment!


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