Pregnant Morning Routine

Pregnant Morning Routine

Hey guys, Mommy Ruth here, many of you are asking what’s my morning routine. At this moment I am 8 months pregnant. So I am gonna answer you guys through this blog post. So if you guys are interested, just read on!

Pregnant morning routine!

Let’s start with waking up in the morning.

After waking up, I usually check my social media pages and my shopee shop and after that, I will do hypno-birthing. Why hypno-birthing? I’ve learned that hypno-birthing exercises makes you ready for labor, so for me, I want to be ready for the upcoming labor. And after that, I make my bed because you know, it’s so nice to see the bed is fixed.

Let’s go with the chores.

So I would usually do the laundry first thing in the morning I say it’s in the washer, and it’s easy doing while you’re doing something else in the morning. I just like to do all the chores in the morning so that I’ll be able to “you know have time to work throughout the day and not worry about it anymore.”

Now it’s time for some breakfast I would usually heat water, and I would enjoy is Cappuccino, caffeine free by barlico and it’s really good guys, and I love it.

After that, I will do yoga, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna watch yoga from youtube and just copy the moves. I also like practicing yoga with the birthing ball. It really is helpful in stretching out and relaxation. It is beneficial to you pelvis it helps you during the labor so that you already know how to relax.

And after exercise, I will take a bath. after the bath, I put on some moisturizers and other body lotion, in this case, I’m gonna use a Vitamin E oil and after that, I’m gonna do my make up. Well, to be honest, it’s really hard to make a make-up tutorial here in a blog post.

So that’s it guys, that’s my morning routine as a pregnant woman, I hope you guys like it.

If you want to watch the vlog version of this watch it right HERE!

Thank you guys for reading, as always, see you on the next one! bye!

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