Pregnant in Coron | La Sirenetta

Pregnant in Coron | La Sirenetta

Hello, guys, this is gonna a quick small blog for you guys in what happened in Coron.

Pregnant in Coron | La Sirenetta

So we go to Coron Via an Airplane. We left the house at 11:00 am and we arrived here in Coron at 2:49 pm and it’s really a breeze from Manila to Coron.

And we are staying here this lovely place in Bayan. The Bayan is called the princess of Coron. While John is having a business meeting, I’ve been walking around doing some stuff like eating lying beside the pool and trying out different stuff like swimming outdoor stuff that is pregnant friendly. After all those activities I happen to pamper my self in the nail spa.

After the nail spa, John fetches me there and I think that’s already dinner time when he arrived there so we decided that we visit the La Sirenetta. A funny thing happened there, when we arrived, we noticed that we are the only people here at the whole restaurant there are no people yet. It feels like we own the place and reserved it for us. Now back to the main reason why we visited there, we’re trying to catch this beautiful sunset.

After the sunset view in  La Sirenetta, we head home it was such a nice place although we are the only people there earlier. We watch the sunset there, it’s really amazing. After that, we just check out some Souvenir places and then straight back home because we want to rest. It’s a bit sad we need to leave early because we have a lot of things going on. We have to prepare for a  big tour coming up tomorrow

So that’s it guys, that’s a quick short blog for you guys, I hope you guys like it. I really love Coron, It’s beautiful, not a populated enough though.

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version Click Right HERE!

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