Pampers Super Brand Day

#SuperbrandDay #BabyMarathon #PampersxLazadaPH

River and I were so excited to be invited to the #PampersxLazadaPH Super Brand Day Event last August 29, 2018.


 We enjoyed the presence of Toni Gonzaga where she shared tips for first time moms and she brought along her son, baby Seve too.

Pampers have been a household name for mothers all over the world. Toni said that when she was still a baby her own mom uses pampers on her. So if a diaper has been in the market for so long, then that is the kind of quality that you can trust your baby with.

 River then played at the Gymboree where the event was held.  I felt so proud seeing him reach many milestones and skills! Im filled with pride and joy but at the same time my heart skips a beat feeling a little bit fearful what if he falls or trips. Then he completes a move and I can’t help it but exclaim.  “Wow! My baby can do that!”.

Buti nalang River uses pampers, where he is free to move around without lawlaw!

To know more about pampers follow their social media accounts here:

For busy moms who wants to get pampers on discount even without leaving the house, you may take advantage of online sales on Lazada PH.

River also met other less lawlaw babies who are super active and happy.

Watch my vlog of the event here:

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