Paano magka extra income online? 2018| Taglish

Paano magka extra income online? 2018| Taglish

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will share some tips to earn extra income online?

With the fact that inflation rates continue to rise and as a stay-home mom like me, to play around your budget is really a challenge. Paano pagkakasyahin?

Here are my extra income tips to earn online:

  1. Try to become a virtual assistance. It depends on your skills and your experience. You can go into,, facebook posts, or crowd sourcing. It requires variety of talents such as editing video or photo, writing or typing/ transcription skills, and etc.
  2. Try to teach online.The best, profitable way to earn is to teach English to foreigners. I can say that we are blessed as Filipinos which we know English by heart. It serves as our second nature language. A good command in English is enough, it’s not a requirement for you to have an degree or certificate. You can check, they teach Chinese students to speak in English and paid on a per hour basis. You can maximize the opportunity because you just stay home and do it on your free time. You have to be really patient, have a computer and stable internet connection. As the time goes, the number of your tutors will increase.
  3. Sell your old stuffs. Decluter your cabinets and sell it online through social media accounts. Let go of the things you can’t use anymore. It feels better when you make more space and keep your stuffs minimal. I do garage sale as well. Also, there’s a Facebook marketplace. The shipping fees are shouldered by buyers, and use your bank account for their payment. I use Shopee or Carousell, and I find it easier and convenient.
  4. Start a blog.Your fay to day experience as a mom, you can turn it out as good reference for upcoming moms or even co-moms online. You can choose strong topics which you think you are well-informed about, like breastfeeding, injections, and etc. You can write your own story on a free site. is free. You can earn through Adsense and Brand deals. You don’t need to be perfect on grammar. It just take time to earn.
  5. Start a YouTube channel.If you are not into writing, you can be a mommy vlogger like me. You can vlog about anything that you find interesting. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment. You can use your android phones to capture videos and edit it as well. For me, I do it everyday from being pregnant to becoming to a mom. I prefer vlog than blog actually. And I can always look back to it anytime I want. You will start from the scratch, have passion, and get rewarded in the future.

Kung kaya ko, kaya niyo rin! Go ahead and be creative mamshies!

That’s all for my tips to earn extra income while staying at home!


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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