Morning Baby Routine

Baby Morning Routine

I’m going to share to you our morning routine. Of course this is not set on stone. This morning routine is just what we strive for every single day to have stability and consistency in each day. So anyways, I hope that you guys enjoy this blog. The two of us really worked hard on it and let’s get right into it.

Morning Baby Routine

This is baby River! He is actually 7 weeks old today. Our morning will usually start at 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning where River will be our human alarm clock. The first thing I would do is I would change his diaper. It was just a table with a simple rubber sheet that we put on top of it .

So right after that changing of the diaper, we would proceed with our first meal of the day which is the time for him to breastfeed. After feeding we make sure now we burp our baby. So just tap his shoulder, his back. And then I will put him down and

Next is usually the time where his father will take him out to him to the sun. When his father does that, I will have the time to go have some me time brush my teeth, wash my face, and take a bath and also while they are outside I will prepare our breakfast. I will usually have tea and John has coffee and then I will have oatmeal.

So after we eat i will make i will convert our dining table into his butt area. We will Strip him off and then put him in this little bathtub. I will bath him. You just need to make sure that everything is okay and no injuries occurring. I put baby oil on him and then i will wash his hair with Lactacyd. I dry him up with this little towel and put some lotion on him.

Also I use that lotion to massage his legs and then i put on a diaper on him and put on the manzanilla on his tummy so that he wouldn’t get flatus. The next thing that we will do is we will put on clothes for the baby. I make sure he is wearing his new born clothes so it wouldn’t be a waste.

This is the finished look our little baby and his little baby OOTD his hair is combed well. Now by this time what we would usually do is feed him again after his bath, that’s his second snack time, breastfeed him again and then we’ll burp him again then I will put him on his swing so that he would have some time to chill and relax and just look around While I’m working around the house. So this is the time I will do house chores and what not.

So that’s it guys, this is my Morning baby routine, I hope you guys learned something from this.

If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, See you guys on the next one! bye!

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