Masama ba mag-Breastfeed pag Buntis?! + First look at Baby #2

Masama ba mag-Breastfeed pag Buntis?! + First look at Baby #2

In here, I will share some insights about Congenital Anomaly Scan, weaning, doula, and breastfeeding.

The Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS) of my baby #2 wherein the doctor will count the fingers and toes. It costs Php3,400.00. We got some cute first pictures of our baby pancake. We don’t know yet the gender, if it’s a boy or a girl because we will soon have our gender reveal party.

It was the second ultrasound for baby #2 which consumes more time and a bit expensive than the first. The doctor told us how’s the baby doing, the eyes, fingers, nose, lips and will show you everything unlike in other ultrasound company I tried before. It is much better if the one to do your ultrasound is a doctor because they will really explain it to you than being conducted by a technician. It was nice to know that my baby is complete without cleft lip or cleft palate. Also, the baby is of the right size and I stop eating rice after I turned 20 weeks pregnant.

My OB-gyn advised to stop breastfeed at this stage of pregnancy. In our recent trip in Baguio, I complained that had some ligament pain wherein my lower belly ached. When you breastfeed it gives oxytocin and oxytocin produces hormones which cause the contraction. So it’s scary because it’s too early for my baby #2. In my own research, it still depends on the kind of pregnancy and the more delicate the pregnancy is the higher chance to experience it as well. I’m trying to observe and to stop to breastfeed River somehow. I’m gonna book my doula so that when I reached my 20 weeks I’m already settled – to the doctor to hospital when I give birth. I got these ideas from Facebook pages of Gentle Birth in the Philippines, Conscious Birth Manila, and Pinoy Doula Collective. Apparently, the Rusian doula I want is not available on my estimated date of delivery. One of the advantages of having a doula is that they will guide you along the way. Weaning River from breastfeeding might be challenging. Perhaps, my team looks good and will keep you updated. Though, I’m having a hard time controlling myself from all the food to refrain from being diabetic but don’t worry because I don’t starve myself.

After the hospital appointments, we decided to stay a bit more in Makati because of the rush hour traffic. Along Jupiter St., we dined it at Dong Won Garden which is a authentic Korean restaurant which costs Php 399 per person and we sat on the floor. The service was fast with a variety of food to choose from. The place was nice and we really enjoyed Korean food.

This day has been full of learning from my baby #2 to Korean foods.


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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