Lip-tie Surgery Update

Lip-tie Surgery Update

Hey guys, by the time I am writing this it’s still morning, so good morning guys. This is an update for my baby River because you know, he has this Lip-tie surgery. So guys, if you are interested in the update for my baby River. Just read on!

Lip-tie Surgery Update!

So after the surgery, he was really fussy in the car and after we got home, we put him in his bed but he cried the whole night because of maybe the pain. But right now he is recovering very well, I couldn’t imagine what he went through that but I did the right thing to make him have that surgery. As a mom, I don’t want my kid to get hurt but you know, I did this for the greater good. I feel it’s the right timing to have that surgery, he wouldn’t have any memories of this until we say it right?

My problem back when we didn’t know that he has this problem is feeding him, we can’t feed him properly. After the surgery he won’t stop eating, it’s like our problem with his eating stops entirely although he is still recovering well, it’s good news that he was able to eat properly.

So I am currently so close to my baby, I have him put inside this makeshift baby carrier. I am carrying him around with these body baby carrier. I just want to comfort him to make sure he isn’t crying when I am doing things.

Wrap up

So all in all, everything is still working out. He is recovering so well, he feeds on me regularly unlike before it was atrocious to feed him because after 5 minutes of drinking milk from me, he sleeps, but right now everything is good. I just need to eat something to help me produce more milk and what not.

If you guys want to watch the vlog version of this Click right HERE!

So that’s it, guys. I hope you enjoy this blog. I hope that everything is normal for my baby and I hope you guys don’t have this problem. So anyway, see you guys on the next one! Bye!

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