Lip-Tie Surgery of My Baby

Lip-Tie Surgery of My Baby

Hey guys Mommy Ruth here and welcome to my blog. So I’ve noticed something different from my baby River. We have him checked. It’s positive that baby River has a lip-tie.

Lip Tie Surgery of my Baby

So we found out that my baby has lip-tie, he has a type 4 lip-tie and we decided to have my baby the laser surgery to remove the lip-tie here in Makati. It saddens me to hear my baby cries during the surgery.

So what is a lip-tie?

Lip frenulum’s are located between the upper jaw or maxilla and the inside of the upper lip.

So basically it’s a disorder for infants. if the baby has this, sometimes, the baby has a hard time latching on the breast of the mommy.

I don’t know If I am doing the right thing, it saddens me to hear my baby cries during the surgery. But it’s a tough choice, and I don’t want any inconvenience in raising my baby, so I think I made the right choice of making my baby take the laser surgery to remove his lip-tie.

So after the surgery, my baby keeps on crying. I manage to make him stop crying. So fast forward on what happened, after the surgery, we went home. At the car, he was Fuzzy and was able to latch and breastfeed without problems. After we got home, we just rest on the couch, and he is sleeping on top of my chest to make him comfortable.

They say babies don’t remember the pain, don’t remember consciously on what happened to the surgery and what not. I hope that he will understand what we did to him. The circumcision and this lip-tie surgery. I really hope he won’t get mad at me. I didn’t mean to make you have the lip-tie or anything. Why do I say this, I can’t stand the fact that my baby is crying during the surgery. I feel so guilty so that’s why I keep saying sorry although he won’t even understand it.

So that’s it guys, for my baby’s lip-tie surgery blog. I hope you guys learned a thing or two.

If you guys want to watch the Vlog version of this blog. Click Right HERE!

Anyways, I hope to see you guys on the next one. Bye!!

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