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7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits for Busy moms

Sometimes life gets tough, I feel overwhelmed, uninspired, disorganized and disconnected due to all the mommy duties, career demands, relationship struggles and stresses from life.
Kaya naman I end up super unhealthy because I am putting myself last. I become depressed, cranky, masungit at para bang I don’t feel like myself anymore.

At times like this my body is telling me that I have to do things differently.
This funk prompted me to do a lifestyle change. Not a drastic one! But I started doing things differently with these simple and easy healthy lifestyle habits. I was able to seem to “do it all” kahit na the struggle is real na talaga.

Note to self: Don’t forget to take care of your self Ruth and for you who is reading this.
You deserve it girl!

1.Get up early. (time: 1min)
Whenever I start to feel lost and drowning from all the deadlines at work and demands of being a mom. I know it is time to center myself and find my inner peace.

Whenever I start to feel lost and drowning from all the deadlines at work and demands of being a mom. I know it is time to center myself and find my inner peace.

Whenever I start to feel lost and drowning from all the deadlines at work and demands of being a mom. I know it is time to center myself and find my inner peace.

This simple trick of waking up at least 30 minutes before everyone else helped me gain myself back and give my self the much needed me time and feel like human again.

No more ZombieMode moments! alam nyo yan mga mommies!

I know how tempting it is to hit the snooze button and try to get some more sleep time, but with experience napatunayan kong mas less ngarag ako whenever make a DIFFERENT choice and just get up to give myself an early start before my toddler wakes up.

2. Freshen Up (time: 5 min)
This simple habit of washing my face and brushing my teeth first thing in the morning has been deeply ingrained in me since I was a child. I just can’t seem to function well before at least I make sure I don’t have bad breath and morning glory on my face.

3. Hydrate (time: 5 min)
Lately I have been trying my best to hydrate.

I Drink 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning. To refresh and give my body what it needs. You will have more energy, better skin and health if you just drink water. It is the most basic and most important tip of it all. Especially now its summer time when its hot and you are out more. You are probably getting dehydrated quicker. For best practice its a good idea to have water on your bedside table so you can drink it first thing in the morning.

4. Supplements (time: 2 min)
Naniniwala kami na food is our medicine. But on busy days I make sure I still get the vitamins that I need through supplements like Vitagreen -C. Its a non-acidic vitamin C na pwedeng pwedeng inumin kahit on an empty stomach.
I am naturally acidic and I recently discovered na lahat pala ng sakit like allergies at cancer thrive in acidic environments. Ever since then I have been mindful of what food I take in, is it acidic or alkaline. Vitagreen C has a 7.5 PH level which is alkaline and helps keep our bodies away from sickness.

In fact I want to show you a little experiment.

Imagine this glass of water is our body. This iodine has a PH level of 2.0 Meaning it is really acidic.

Imagine these are all the stressors in life: Mother in law, work deadlines, teething si baby, problema sa bayarin, problema sa asawa.. (just kidding πŸ™‚ )

Now let’s put Vitagreen C on this very acidic water.

Our bodies becomes really acidic faced with all these stressors.
This is what Vitagreen C can do to our bodies if we take it regularly.

Viola! Like magic it helps fight our acidity and stressors in life!

Watch the full experiment video on the video version of this post here:
Watch the video by clicking me!

Vitagreen C is the best non-acidic vitamin C in the market because of its quality and price point.

Kaya naman this is a winner for me.
If you are interested.
You may check out Vitagreen C @Vitagreencofficial @betterhealthph and
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5. Stretch (time: 10 mins)
When I am not feeling my best, Whether I am feeling down and stressed out I know that moving and stretching my body will help me to center myself and get back into the rhythm of things. Doing yoga or light stretching at home will encourage better circulation and revitalize your energy. You get both physical and mental benefits from this too like releasing tension, sleeping better and feeling inner peace. It might be difficult or uncomfortable to get started but trust me you feel so amazing afterwards.

6. Journal (time: 3 mins)
I love to write but in the morning I would always give an excuse na I dont have the time to write on my journal or diary. But I discovered a technique that is quick and as effective in giving myself mental clarity. I just answer this 3 simple questions at the beginning of my day.

“What I am grateful for? ”

“What would make today great?”

“I am …..”

This sets a great tone to my start of the day whenever I get answer this questions and It only takes 3 minutes to do it!

7. Digital detox (0 min)
In the morning I try my best to avoid the temptation of scrolling through my social media and emails. Kasi I find it really draining tapos may chance pa na you will encounter negative posts that might affect your mood.

Social Media is one of the top source of anxiety and depression in today’s world.

Studies shows that social media is one of the factors why people get depression and anxiety, and I totally believe that!
I am guilty of it my self! Because when I am in social media, I automatically start stalking strangers about their life na hindi ko napapansin I lost so much time and energy doing it na pala. That time could have been used bonding with my baby, or working on my business. So as much as possible I try to wait at least until I am fully awake before I check my notifications and dive in to the social media world.

By doing these easy simple healthy lifestyle habits I find my self refreshed and energized to face what my day might bring. The best part is, it only takes 30 minutes per day and it creates such a big impact in my #momlife.

We only live once #YOLO momshies! Kaya naman let’s make our healthy lifestyle a priority!
Let me know down the comments what is your favorite habit.

For me and dada, we are motivated to live a healthier lifestyle so that we can be there longer for our kids and future grandkids.

I love you guys so much and I hope you guys have an amazing day with these tips or with your own habits. Check out the video version of this post here:

Have a great day! Bye!

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  1. Unhealthy na mga foods n masarap but we need to eat vegetables talaga and more fruits lalo na sa mga moms like us bawal magkasakit and stay hydrated

  2. Hi pretty Momma.! I’m new to your blogsite. May I just say that you have a wonderful family & I really love supporting Mom bloggers like you.! Thank you for inspiring us, Moms! And continue spreading good vibes. Love lots..! 😊😍😘

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