Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

I’m going to share to you about the things happen in our gender reveal party, from decorations to prized to program especially our reactions upon knowing if its a girl or a boy.

Is it a Girl or a Boy?

Our gender reveal party is held at ___. This was a DIY wherein I prepared all stuffs from decorations to prizes to its program. There were also games. Also, I brought the mike to save and besides the venue was just a small place exclusively for our family and close friends. The souvenirs were perfume which I ordered in Shopee, as well as the materials used

The guests will either wear pink or blue depending on their bet. Of course,  pink if they want my baby #2 to be a girl or blue if they want a boy. Baby River and I wore pink while Dada John wore blue.

And IT IS A BOY!!!! River will have a brother and there will soon be a riot in our house. I really expected a baby girl and its alright because there will be 3 adorable boys in the family and I will still be the Queen Bee. Honestly, I had that little disappointment in me because it wasn’t a girl but I believe that things happen for a reason so it’s all up to God.

Overall, the party was a huge success with good venue, food, host, and games. We had so much fun to have the gender reveal party and worth it. I love all the people who came. Also, it was fun watching our slow mo videos especially the reaction of Dada John and I upon the gender reveal. And all the preparations I did will be posted on another video.


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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