Gender Reveal and Second Trimester Update

Gender Reveal and Second Trimester Update

Hi guys! Today’s blog is all about the gender reveal of my baby!


Obgyne and Gender Reveal

I’m here with john Today, we are going to see the gender of the baby. I am so excited! John asked if what if the baby is gay *Foreshadowing?* Well, we won’t know that yet. We are here at the Obgyne, I just finished the 5th month of my pregnancy. Technically still on the second trimester. I asked John if to tell me if there any changes in me, he doesn’t know!

Anyways,  just to update you guys, I’ve been peeing during midnight, like about 2 to 3 times a night. That’s one change. That’s really new to me, I don’t usually wake up in the middle of the night just to use the bathroom. I read that change the peeing during midnight is a natural mother’s way of preparing yourself to the motherhood lifestyle when the baby comes out. Hopefully that this change gives me the fortitude I need to take care of my baby during midnight. I bet it’s really exhausting to wake up in the middle of the night just to feed/change the diapers of the baby. So that’s one change.

We are just waiting for the results at the moment. So I will tell another change is that I gained more than 20 pounds. Cause I was like 90 pounds before and now, I am at 120 pounds. And I don’t get dizzy that much and oh, I always get hungry If I remember that one changes to my body, I will update you guys. Midnight peeing just started last week. Backaches, well, my yoga training treats it well. And right now, our turn to see the doctor now. Doctor: wow, your baby is so big. Doctor: I just saw the gender! It’s a boy guys!

That’s it guys, we are done with the ultrasound. We are here having lunch near the hospital. We are having a boy!!! Back then, John wants a girl but anything will do.

John, I want him to be a Dothraki. For me, I really want a baby boy, I don’t really know why. All I know, that whatever the gender is, I will take care of it.

So that’s it for this blog. thank you for watching with us. You know what to send me, give me a boy accessories! Alright bye!

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