Earliest signs of pregnancy | Baby #2

Earliest signs of pregnancy | Baby #2


Earliest Signs

  1. Paranoia – I’m getting paranoid that I feel that I am pregnant, having an impulse that I am pregnant so, one time after my birthday I got sick I checked myself in the ER and I asked them to do a pregnancy test for me, but it turned out to be negative. But, as we all know now that was a false negative test so the pregnancy test may give a negative result if it is too early.
  2.  Low immune system-  So, on my birth on March 4, we went on a Batangas trip. It’s like I have flu and later on, when we came home I then have a UTI. So, I have a feeling that my immunity went down and that’s one of the signs that you’re pregnant because when I was pregnant with River also my immune system is very low there are lots of infections that I have experience like in my feet, also like flu I am so prone to sickness that time. I think it’s a sign because when I already give birth to River I have never experience having UTI, flu, cough, etc.
  3.  Extreme fatigue – I feel reaaallly sleepy. I have extreme fatigue which I felt during March that I have fatigue and things like that. So that’s it, for me, extreme fatigue or feeling really sleepy or feeling lazy, fatigue, that’s it, I think that’s a sign that I am pregnant. Based on research it could be a sign because during the early stage of your pregnancy what is being built is the placenta of the baby which is “ulunan” in Visaya or ulun-ulunan or “unan” of the baby so that’s the placenta and its the most difficult thing to do. The vital organs of the baby that need to build in your body so, your body is really weak, so understandable.
  4. Too Emotional -This is what happened, after my birthday trip, I said to Dada that “I’m not feeling well I feel sick” Dada replied that I should take a break and I think I could just get recover, me also I feel sick and tired from driving. So, I was offended because Ah you’re not listening to my, to what I’m trying to say, “IM REALLY SICK..” like a toddler yelling trying to say that I’m reaally sick. I want to go to the ER now, bring me to the hospital “I’m reaaallly sick…” I’m like overacting but that’s my reaction.
  5.  Nausea. – for me its a number one sign that OMG I have to take the pregnancy test. But remember I already took a pregnancy test already and it gives a negative result but that time I again decided to take again the pregnancy test and it turns out positive guys. Sometimes it really gives a negative result at first but then, later on, it will give positive result.
  6.  Indigestion – At lunch I still try to eat, then after 6 PM my stomach is really upset it seems that the food is still in my stomach not moving. My feeling is that I have indigestion, which is the same symptom that I had during my pregnancy with River.
  7. Headache – This is the first time I felt this during pregnancy, because with baby River I never had headaches. This is the kind of headache that won’t let me concentrate on my work and borderline giving me a migraine.

So, that’s all of my earliest signs of pregnancy I hope it helps you a lot. If you think you’re having these symptoms, of course, we are all different, but maybe if you are having one or more of this symptoms it’s time to do a PT, good luck or whatever results you are hoping for, good luck to you momshie and that’s it, I hope that you enjoy this article. If you want to watch the Vlog Version of this, Click right here!

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