Baby products for your kids : USA Haul

Baby products for your kids : USA Haul

Hey guys, Mommy ruth here! Most of you guys have a lot of relatives that are living in the USA. I am making a list of things that you moms want to receive when your relatives or friends send a balik-bayan box or simply a pasalubong for your kids. So these are my list for baby products.

Baby products for your kids : USA Haul

So the first Item is Aquaphor.

So Aquaphor is like petroleum jelly. So this item prevents diaper rashes.
This thing works like a charm, I mean I’ve tried it on my baby River and I noticed that it’s really effective, but of course, if you can’t find it here in the Philippines, just stick with the Petroleum jelly. Don’t get me wrong Petroleum jelly works just fine. It’s just that Aquaphor is more effective. If you have eczema or simply have dry skin, you can use Aquaphor for that.

The next Item is Desitin

Desitin also works like petroleum jelly and Aquaphor. It is also effective, I have tried it on my baby, It really works like a charm. It’s Paraben free and fragrance-free. There are two variations of Desitin.

The first one is Extra Strength.

Judging by the name the extra strength are for severe rashes and severely dry skin.

The second one is Desitin: light.

Well, it’s for light rashes and not so severe dry skin.

Next is Gripe Water

In the Philippines, The Filipinos are using Manzanilla. What the use in the USA is Gripe Water. So Gripe water is a kind of liquid supplement that can ease the Stomach gasses or colic.

It’s widely used in the USA, it really works like a charm. Your baby can say goodbye for stomach gasses, pain and colic for this Gripe water, it is an absolute baby stomach gas reliever. My baby burps after ten seconds after using Gripe water.

So the next things are Baby Clothes!

You know clothes that are bought in the USA are more durable, looks great and what not.
There are a lot of things that I got from the USA so I will just put some photos here for you guys to see what kind of clothes I got from the USA

So that’s it, guys. That’s all the baby products that I got from the USA. All of the things I listed here are from my Mommy although she is my aunt but I call her mommy. She sent me all these things for my baby River.

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See you guys at the next one! Bye!

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