Ano ang nangyari sa First Day of School ni River? + FREE pa Pre-School PROMO ni Gymboree Sofitel

Ano ang nangyari sa First Day of School ni River? + FREE pa Pre-School PROMO ni Gymboree Sofitel

I’m going to share River’s first day of class at Gymboree Sofitel. Also, I will tell you more about his school, its promo, and teaching styles.

River’s first day of school at Gymboree Sofite wherein Dada John and I, Mommy Ruth accompanied him.

Teacher Macky, Maxene and the rest of the group of students sang the Welcome Song while River is asleep. Then by the time he’s awake, he did some painting. There is also a story telling about the fish followed by another activity wherein students will design their own fishes which River enjoyed. At the end of the class, River received 2 stamps and sang the Goodbye song.

River had some quality playtime on slides at Gym Play which he also enjoyed. Gym Pay has rates to choose from and ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

We also had the chance to walk around Sofitel. The place is nice when the sun sets. River even recognized the pool and wanted to have another playtime.

Overall, River’s first experience in school went well. I think school is good for him because he’s a shy baby. I know it takes time for him to acknowledge people he met for the first time, unlike the other babies who can smiles when someone says hi or hello. I look forward that his early school experience will let him be more exposed to people to benefit himself in the future.

Also, I love how Gymboree associates learning through active play. It operates for a couple of years now and maintain the good track records of child development programs. River got 3 classes per week and tomorrow he will have his music class. I hope to see his progress through this program. Honestly, it was a tough first day since he would always want his Dada or I on his side but he became active and happy during the playtime. The pre-school has outdoor activities too.

Gymboree Sofitel has parking validation for 3 hours and you can go around the hotel after class, which it a great place to hangout.

This July, Gymboree offers FREE trial and after 3 days there will be a culminating activity. If your baby is at least 1 year and 6 months, you can now enroll him/her at pre-school. This will also be a good way to assess your kid if he is ok to go for an enrollment or not yet. These days, River has been bored playing with his toys so we decided to enroll him at Gymboree to experience all the type of classes they have and I will share everything soon here.

Aside from Sofitel, Gymboree has other branches at malls. They also has membership and cards. You can try to check them out and see the information from places to classes and the rates.


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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