a day in the life: pregnant with toddler

a day in the life: pregnant with toddler

Welcome back to my blog! Today, I will share my day as a pregnant and mom to River.

Our day start at 7am. River usually play with Dada John while I clean. He likes to drink whatever I have in the morning like orange juice. Before he eats breakfast, he’ll say goodbye first to Dada who’s going to work.  River and I will eat oatmeal while yaya have her champorado. Then after, he’ll take his ceelin and propan vitamins. I take my preggy vitamins too.

Right after breakfast, it’s toothbursh and bath time for River. I still put him the manzanilla, clean his ears, powder, and lotion against dengue. Paa, tuhod, balikat, ulo.

Once in a while, we get to see Dada John in our CCTV camera.

At 9am, River’s play time with ABC’s alphabets. His yaya will take care of him while I take a bath and cook porkchop for lunch, with ginisang munggo. River will eat mashed squash.

By 11am, lunch time while watching YouTube vlogs. After which, he gets sleepy. Though he wants to breastfeed with me, I train him on drink milk on his baby bottle because I start to have contractions these days. He still cuddles, and I tap him to let him sleep while sitting on the chair.

While he sleeps, I can work from 12nn to 3pm. This time usually circles around about videos, script writing, content ideas, research, and more.

By the time River wakes up, it’s mom duty again by 3:30pm. He likes to play with my yoga ball. I can recommend it for pregnant mom like me and serves as a toy to your toddler. He still craves for breastfeed for time to time. He prefers to have his milk close to me.

His usual milk time is thrice a day. Sometimes, he asks for more.

River can do sounds of dog, cat, monkey, etc. While his baby brother inside me, kicks whenever he sense his kuya around. River holds and kisses my tummy when his in the mood.

He can now eat pretzels and jelly ace. Binugahan niya ng pretzels ang yoga ball ko guys! No school for him today.

I have my snack by 4pm with biscuit and juice.

We minimize his screen time, he usually get to watch while he eats. He plays with his toys like lego.

By 6pm, it’s dinner time. When he’s hungry, he gets irritated. Dada John is on diet so I just prepare light dinner for him. The moment he sees food, he looks happy. Then wash time before River get to sleep. We manage to read a bedtime book with milk with him. Lights off now, but he still have much energy roaming around the room.

That’s all for a day in the life of a pregnant mom with a toddler.


If you want the Vlog version of this, click right HERE!

So thank you guys for reading, see you guys on the next one. Bye!

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